Saturday, January 8, 2011

hi, ku!

waga yuki to/ omoebo karushi /kasa no ue

'It's my snow"
I think

And the weight on my hat lightens.

-Kikaku, trans. by Alex Kerr

I have been enjoying following several beautiful blogs by friends, family and strangers this year:
(soulemama, PhilOlogy, and Life in Colour) and recently I have been missing keeping my own record here. My paper systems (ahem, I use the term "systems" lightly) are always so haphazard and difficult to maneuver. I like the clarity and linear nature of a blog, even while lamenting the slow death of cursive and the general unstinting shift from analog to digital.

So, I am moving back again to naming my own snow, the soft quiet white noise of my life, observed.


Shereen said...

Did I forget to give you my new blog? Life in Colour is full, so I had to start a new one -

nanamamma said...

thanks shereen! i'm a subscriber so the new one was coming to me automatically via email.