Sunday, September 30, 2007

me new career!

I have just edited my profile and you will all be pleased to learn (as i was, upon posting it) that I am entering the Accounting industry in Afghanistan.
New beginnings indeed.
Perhaps this is the vision of the woman with coins at her feet that the psychic pointed out.

not sleeping OR that damn house

I am not sleeping because that damn house sold. That damn house that we have been so speculative/daydreamy/hem-hahy about has done bin sold. So onward, right? frig. and blast. and #@$%!klj$*&#@. I will not be getting those four weeks of headspace back but!!!!!!!! it is October. October the best month of the year!!!!! Has anyone seen my Dylan Thomas book? frig. and blast. and fuckity fuck. It has done gone missing just when I wanted to share me favourite poem about October (especially for those with October birthdays). October, October OOOOOOOOOOOO!
New beginnings.
And a dentist's appointment at 1 pm.

Monday, September 24, 2007

buncha sickies

We are all descending into plague land. Monkey boy was the first to fall victim since he is back at the germ-factory known as Senior Kindergarten. Googirl is definitely living up to her nickname but it hasn't slowed her down. She is a super-duper stander upper but still prefers the scoot. And smith is stricken. And grumpy about it. I am just waiting for the ax to fall, laying in supplies and getting things done while the going is good. I have broken out the sticks and string and am trying to plow through my knitter's block, finishing about the bajillion little projects that I've started over the last few months. I am not allowed to bring any more yarn into the house until my stash is cleared out a bit. It's a good thing that the colder weather is here. The moon is waning too, a good time to be finishing things up, I think. Fall is here! (Monkey boy likes to count the days - yesterday he lay down on the lawn, sighed and said "Second day of fall") My most favorite and melancholy season.

Monday, September 17, 2007

limbo lee la la la

I'm sitting in my dining room - well, I call it a dining room but it is really just a too big table squished between the couch and the piano. Sitting between a bouquet of droopy roses from the bombastic bush along my back fence and a pile of litter that includes a stuffed bison, a bag of "goose droppings" (actually chocolate covered raisins), a tiny pumpkin, notes to self written on the back of unpaid bills ("note to self: pay bills"), 10 dinky cars, a paperback, a big fat yellow measuring tape and a very large letter O. Typing. Thinking of my two favourite words right now, which are: "slacker" and "laundress". They seem to typify my life at the moment.
Is anybody else out there having facebook burnout? I am. Also having laundress burnout. And slacker burnout. Am ready to be productive and energetic anti-laundress. Here's to dirt! And studied dishevellment! Finely tuned and muscularly executed wrinkling! Yeah! Take that entropy!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

extended mat leave

it's true. i am not back at work yet. i will work when goo girl walks. so has her daycare decreed, due to licensing changes. can't say that i am overly anxious for her to walk. not that there is any danger of that since she has perfected the scoot and is breaking land-speed records for bum travel.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


This was the odometer reading on the red car for a brief period between Gooderham and Irondale this evening. smith and i watched it until it clicked over to 222223. (the road was straight and true, don't worry)
labour day always feels like new years day to me. like something hanging in that clear september light, shimmering before it clicks over into the new rush and busyness of september. (september light - wow! it is the best - i want to swim in it, throw apples up into it!)
i have been feeling melancholy and elated for the past couple of days. we are thinking about buying this wreck of a house on this lot situated squarely on my left ventricle. (is that where the heart beat impulse issues from? forgive my hack anatomy). and i am trying to just lay back and let things fly and not get toooooo excited or tooo dissapointed or too anything. my horoscopes advise me to recognize that I am maybe missing some important other issue (hmmm, going back to work, maybeeeeeeee?) by getting caught up in this. And also to get some blessed, soul-restoring sleep.
Damn you cyberspace - you keep me awake! (just one more set of brackets, i can't help it).
Good night lovelies.