Monday, September 17, 2007

limbo lee la la la

I'm sitting in my dining room - well, I call it a dining room but it is really just a too big table squished between the couch and the piano. Sitting between a bouquet of droopy roses from the bombastic bush along my back fence and a pile of litter that includes a stuffed bison, a bag of "goose droppings" (actually chocolate covered raisins), a tiny pumpkin, notes to self written on the back of unpaid bills ("note to self: pay bills"), 10 dinky cars, a paperback, a big fat yellow measuring tape and a very large letter O. Typing. Thinking of my two favourite words right now, which are: "slacker" and "laundress". They seem to typify my life at the moment.
Is anybody else out there having facebook burnout? I am. Also having laundress burnout. And slacker burnout. Am ready to be productive and energetic anti-laundress. Here's to dirt! And studied dishevellment! Finely tuned and muscularly executed wrinkling! Yeah! Take that entropy!

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