Monday, September 24, 2007

buncha sickies

We are all descending into plague land. Monkey boy was the first to fall victim since he is back at the germ-factory known as Senior Kindergarten. Googirl is definitely living up to her nickname but it hasn't slowed her down. She is a super-duper stander upper but still prefers the scoot. And smith is stricken. And grumpy about it. I am just waiting for the ax to fall, laying in supplies and getting things done while the going is good. I have broken out the sticks and string and am trying to plow through my knitter's block, finishing about the bajillion little projects that I've started over the last few months. I am not allowed to bring any more yarn into the house until my stash is cleared out a bit. It's a good thing that the colder weather is here. The moon is waning too, a good time to be finishing things up, I think. Fall is here! (Monkey boy likes to count the days - yesterday he lay down on the lawn, sighed and said "Second day of fall") My most favorite and melancholy season.


Bobealia... said...

I have knitters block too. I bring my simple scarf work on the train everyday, do a line of knit and a line of pearl and put it away.
Mr. Bo has been sick twice lately, but so far (cross my fingers) I've been ok.

Bobealia... said...

Get well Pottages!

nanamamma said...

by some miracle i am still healthy. but i keep running out of yarn -or realize i brought the wrong needles or forget my pattern-bleah!