Sunday, September 2, 2007


This was the odometer reading on the red car for a brief period between Gooderham and Irondale this evening. smith and i watched it until it clicked over to 222223. (the road was straight and true, don't worry)
labour day always feels like new years day to me. like something hanging in that clear september light, shimmering before it clicks over into the new rush and busyness of september. (september light - wow! it is the best - i want to swim in it, throw apples up into it!)
i have been feeling melancholy and elated for the past couple of days. we are thinking about buying this wreck of a house on this lot situated squarely on my left ventricle. (is that where the heart beat impulse issues from? forgive my hack anatomy). and i am trying to just lay back and let things fly and not get toooooo excited or tooo dissapointed or too anything. my horoscopes advise me to recognize that I am maybe missing some important other issue (hmmm, going back to work, maybeeeeeeee?) by getting caught up in this. And also to get some blessed, soul-restoring sleep.
Damn you cyberspace - you keep me awake! (just one more set of brackets, i can't help it).
Good night lovelies.

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