Monday, June 18, 2007

procrastination and the five point plan

Well, here it is, procrastination, happening now. According to the Five Point Plan, as orchestrated by the brilliant and beautiful Jennifer W (also talented - multi-talented) I should be working on writing and illustrating a children's book, while formulating an outline for a blockbuster young adult novel that will make me tons of money and allow to immediately fulfill my lifelong dream of writing for a living. I don't like to write these things down because I worry about putting new fresh little ideas out in the cold. But is almost midsummer and the soil should be well warmed by now so I should just lay them in.
Smith was playing ultimate frisbee at J's school tonight so I walked over with the kids. J wanted to play mini-car store and practice jumping up at the monkey bars. S watched J and sang her loud songs and charmed folks with her lil' button eyes. The geodesic dome/climbing structure was gone from behind the school. I guess it was getting dangerous. The little girls running ahead of us called it the beehive. "Mommy, mommy the beehive is gone!" Too bad, because it was groovy and retro and nobody seems to put them up anymore. Oh Buckminster Fuller, where have you gone?
J caught a moth and was deeply, tragically saddened when it flew away. He perked up when we got home and by then time I had gotten S down he had brushed his own teeth, changed into his pj's and gotten his own snack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING! The snack was a big bowl of marshmallows, but I couldn't bring myself to chide him after such a rockin display of independance so we just saved some for tomorrow, threw a glass of milk down after them and brushed our teeth, again.

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