Sunday, June 17, 2007

(sorry about the neckstretcher photo...)

We went to the Auto Flea Market last weekend and got ourselves a good dose of internal combustion glory!!!! And got to see Great Uncle Hughie, that jolly old elf. What a boy's paradise - or nightmare - especially loooooved the old boy who gave J a toy gun, saying "There you are, that's what you need. We've got to take care of the kids."????????? OK, that said, most of the people giving J free stuff were quite sweet about it. You could tell that they just saw a little guy with a hankering for little cars and wanted to make his day.
Miles and miles of tires, coveralls, old mufflers, Crocs knockoffs, spare hoods, pistons, headlights, side panels, repair manuals, antiques, gaskets, gew gaws and of course beautifully restored old cars and trucks. J was in heaven.

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