Tuesday, August 14, 2007

reading is dangerous

Because it makes me want to do things. So because I am reading "Animal Vegetable Miracle" I have made this pact with myself to can a big whack of peaches and tomatoes while they are lolloping all over the produce landscape. And I have read all of these books on home schooling this week (I am a crammer) so I am trying that on mentally and today was not a good day for the home school game. 0 points to home school today. Never attempt to envision home schooling while on the first day of your period, a first day home, alone, with two cranky kids tired from vacation and junk food, dirty kitchen, laundry up to your ears kind of day. On that day you should envision a deserted beach, a deep lounge, a large fruity drink, a pile of novels and no door to be knocked on. And then you settle for pizza and snuggling up to watch Cars for the 400th time. Not a bad compromise, really.

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Bobealia... said...

I have a t-shirt that shows an angry apple stabbing a book with a pencil and it says, "Reading is dangerous." I think it's especially funny when I wear it to my work a a publishing house. Hee Hee.