Sunday, July 1, 2007

the crack cocaine that is facebook

At a wedding in wine country, a couple of Saturday nights ago our table spent hours discussing pop culture. No one else at our table had kids - not one single toilet training, feeding, sleeping anecdote was heard. It was fun and heady but I felt kind of queasy when we started discussing cyber entertainments like facebook and second life, both of which kind of creeped me out. I know, I know and here I am blogging about it so who's the junkie, really? And, you guessed it - I am a full Facebook junkie as of two days ago.
Also, I seem to be at the centre of a karmic reconnection vortex (am really into that word this week - VORTEX!!), facebook being the least of it. As Smith just pointed out, maybe this is a symptom of blogging, thinking that it is all about me. (Hey buddy, aren't you the one reading Cosmos and Psyche?).
I guess the question I am asking myself is are some kinds of connection better than others? More and more I am thinking that is snobbish and holier-than-thou and that the universe is just saying connect! connect! i don't care how! Like that scene in Barbarian Invasions where the daughter says goodbye to her dying father via an emailed satellite video.
More later. Must sleep. Maybe I will just check my facebook one more time......

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