Sunday, July 15, 2007

mariposa for meg

Even before you add in the music and the beautiful craftspeople Memorial Park is an idyllic spot. Curving out into Lake Couchiching, lots of beautiful tall trees catching the breeze. Green and blue luscious summer. Monkeyboy loves MusicPark as he calls it. He stretches out his jackrabbit legs and runs and runs and runs (after getting his face painted as a cat of course). And then he swims and swims and swims. And swims some more. He even sat down for five minutes of music and Auntie K helped him make a nifty cardboard box guitar covered with wood-grain mactac. Very cool.
Highlights for me included: The Bill's crazy super-long klezmer bluegrass finale - I was sitting right down in front on a blanket - standing, dancing by the end of the set; Hawksely Workman's monologue about the sexual confidence of the insects that swarmed the mainstage; hearing Madrigaia again and again, all over the park; the Sadies' suits and There is a Higher Power; Chuck Baker's Northern Town song(sorry i didn't catch more of your sets Chuck); Matt Anderson as a blues-playin hair-flingin force of nature; seeing Ron and Lisa at their booth; seeing musicians playing Ron's gorgeous guitars at their booth; convincing almost all of my women relative and friends to buy a pair of Sarah Apple's block printed beaver undies; Lisa modelling said undies over her jeans; Amy Millan's hat and her ultimate down-to-earthedness; Gregg Hobb's funny divorce song; running into the parents of an old friend; running into family; running into more family; running into still more family; Jill Barber's gorgeous voice; women musicians wearing sundresses and cowboy boots;crazy ass lightning storm swirling around Gordon Lightfoot; deep, deep downpour while waiting in the parking lot to go home.
Wish I had had an instant polaroid transfer photo done by Melanie Gordon at her booth. Very gorgeous - check out her link at the side here. Lisa had one done and I was jealous and admirous. Am also covetous of quilted wall hanging purchased by Pip from Katherine McLellan. BUT I have two totally gorgous paintings evocative of the view from an airplane coming in at dusk over Toronto and they make me feel lifted every time I see them. Thank you beautiful and talented Lisa Belanger!!(she is related to me eh?).
Can't wait until next year.

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