Friday, July 27, 2007

Poor neglected blog

As usual of late, smith and i are off in our separate corners in the blue light, tapping away. The moon outside is almost full, the babies are sleeping, both getting awfully long and lean. I just finished unpacking from last weekend and am packing again for this one. I managed to sneak in not one but two movies out this week -Ratatouille and the latest HP. Feel spoiled rotten. Made ratatouille yesterday with a big zuccini that I snagged in our veggie basket this week. Food movies always make me want to cook and eat their featured food - Tam PoPo was frustrating because all we had in the house at the time to satisfy our noodle craving were instant noodle packs.
I even made pickles today, four jars of them. They are sitting on the counter now. I am waiting for the one on the end to seal. I used my mom's recipe - dill and garlic on the bottom and top, 12 parts water, 4 parts vinegar, 1 part salt. Monkeyboy was eager to help-got himself a pickle-poking stick and started hacking off dill for me. The kitchen was a glorious mess. He was very interested in the pickle-cucumber connection as he loves cucs but hates pickles. "Are cucumbers pickles? Do cucumbers come from real live mommies?" (This i think from the talk about "baby" cucumbers. ) Which reminds me of a discussion we had about chimpanzees. I said that chimpanzees were a lot like humans and he said "Yes, they give birth to live young." That boy knows his mammals dangit!
He insisted on packing the last jar of pickles himself.

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